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Project Description

HijriCal is a Hijri-to-Gregorian and Gregorian-to-Hijri conversion API. The API is a RESTful API that is very easy to use and compatible with all kinds of front-end programming languages.

How does this API do the conversion

Two conversion methods used are:

1. Um-Alqura Calendar (the official calendar of Saudi Arabia). This calendar provides conversion for Hijri dates from 1350 to 1500 hijri. The dates before or after that are automatically converted using option 2.

2. The Hijri calculation method used by Center of Oriental Studies in Zurich University. This method has high accuracy especially in the older dates.

PS: This is my first open-source project, so I really am learning how to deal with Codeplex and the whole open-source and version control stuff. So, take it easy with me.


1. Thanks to Anas Bahsas for his original code that led to the development of the source code of this API.

2. Thanks to the Center of Oriental Studies in Zurich University.

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